25 Best US Tech Companies for Women

Sarah Rickerd
May 17, 2021
10 min read

Searching for a new job? We’ve compiled our top 25 picks for tech companies with female- and family-friendly policies for 2021. 

In putting this list together, we looked at diversity in leadership, parental and adoptive leave, work-life balance, diversity and inclusion training programs, and more. Plus, we’ve taken into account anonymous employee reviews from Fairygodboss, Comparably, InHerSight, Glassdoor, and Great Place to Work.

1. Lever

Lever, a San Francisco-based HR tech firm, treats diversity and inclusion as a core value, and as one senior-level staff member says, “I have been in the tech industry for more than a decade, and Lever is the first place I’ve ever worked for where the values are adhered to and continually referred to in decision making.”

The company is majority female, while 44% of the engineering team and 38% of the executive suite identify as women. It commits to flexible work hours, and on Comparably, 93% of women believe they are paid fairly. Meanwhile, on Glassdoor, the company is frequently praised for valuing diversity and inclusion, as well as responding positively to suggestions about how to improve in this area. 

2. LinkedIn

Although the tech team at LinkedIn is just 24% female, yet on Comparably, women in IT rate the company culture better than in any other department. Across multiple anonymous review sites, employees praise the company culture and its family-centered policies.

In addition to 20 weeks of paid maternity leave, the company pays for fertility treatment, adoption assistance, and surrogacy expenses. It also puts effort into making its lactation rooms pleasant places to spend time.

Plus, on InHerSight, it scores five out of five for creating a sense of belonging or being “comfortable bringing your whole self to work, you feel included and welcome.”

3. Netflix

At California-based Netflix, women make up 43–48% of staff at all levels, including directors and above, vice presidents, and senior leadership. The company conducts annual compensation reviews and rectifies any cases of unequal pay that are found. There are also 15 employee resource groups that provide mentorship and networking opportunities.

Netflix also has several family-friendly policies. It offers up to a year of “flexible parental leave,” in which parents can work full-time, part-time, or not at all for full pay. Employees can also receive a family-forming financial benefit for fertility, surrogacy, or adoption costs, regardless of their sexuality, gender, or relationship status.

Online reviews from employees are mostly, but not always positive. One mid-level staff member says, “This is not only the best place I’ve worked in general, but also one of the best places I’ve worked in terms of opportunities for women, good pay, and opportunities for women in the company to meet, network and learn. ”

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is generally praised by its US-based employees for its efforts on inclusivity and diversion, although many note that men are still over-represented in management. The executive team, for example, is more than two-thirds male.

That said, HubSpot is working to improve these statistics, and it backs up its hiring efforts with inclusive policies. For example, it offers 16 weeks of paid maternity and adoptive leave, along with subsidized child care.

On InHerSight, Hubspot gets an average of five out five from nearly 900 women’s reviews for “Sense of Belonging – Comfortable bringing your whole self to work, you feel included and welcome.” Meanwhile, reviewers on Glassdoor describe the company as genuinely caring about the experiences of Black employees, and on Comparably, 100% of women believe HubSpot is supportive of LGBTQ+ employees.

5. UKG

UKG has invested in creating a diverse company, with resource groups for women in tech, women in leadership, Black and African American employees, LGBTQ+ staff, virtual employees, employees with disabilities, and cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. Fairygodboss gives it a score of 96.2 out of 100, while the 10 weeks of maternity and adoptive leave policies garner it positive reviews at InHerSight. 

One early-career employee says, “Here I can be my unscripted self, I don’t have to worry about jokes/comments or wonder if I am getting paid less than the man next to me. It is a weight off my shoulders I didn’t even realize was weighing me down.”

However, there are very few women on the executive team, which also lacks racial diversity. While Glassdoor reviews are generally positive and give the company 4.1 for diversity and inclusion, some call for more progressive executive leadership.

6. Elastic

California-based search company Elastic was Fairygodboss’ highest-rated company for women in 2020, with reviews by female employees scoring an average of 98.5 out of 100. Meanwhile, on Comparably, 100% of women believe they are fairly paid.

The company also has family-friendly policies, including flexible hours, fertility assistance, and 16 weeks of paid maternity, paternity, and adoptive leave. However, some employees complain that work-life balance is hard to achieve, and remote working may help or hinder this.

7. Sage Intacct

The workforce at California-based FinTech firm Sage Intacct is 45% female, although this diversity is less visible at the executive level. There are only three women on the leadership team of 14 (although on the positive side for women in tech, one of those is the VP of Engineering). People of color are also underrepresented. 

Despite that, women rate the company highly in anonymous reviews. On InHerSight, they praise the collaborative culture and flexibility, as well as the number of women in management positions. Similarly, on Fairygodboss, 96% of women believe women are treated fairly and equally to men and 91% believe the CEO supports gender diversity, with a further 7% answering “maybe.” 

Maternity policies vary according to location, with many US-based workers receiving 12 weeks of paid leave. Remote working may also be possible for new parents.

8. Etsy

Brooklyn-based ecommerce site Etsy has a majority-female team, while 50% of its senior leadership are women. It offers paid maternity, paternity, and adoptive leave of 26 weeks.

Despite that, Etsy is not as diverse as it could be. For example, Black and Latinx employees made up just 11% of the company at the end of 2019. To improve this, the company has set up mentorship programs and invested in improving its outreach programs.

9. Bumble

Texas-based Bumble launched as a female-led dating app, so you would expect it to be a female-friendly workplace. In fact, 75% of the executive board and 72% of the directors are women. Representation of women of color is, however, more limited.

The company offers 16 weeks of paid parental and adoptive leave and some financial assistance with family planning. In addition, employees receive mental health days and a $100 monthly wellness budget.

In online reviews, female employees praise the equal opportunities, family-friendly policies and culture, and flexible work hours.

10. LendingClub

California-based FinTech firm LendingClub is actively working to improve diversity, although it still has a ways to go in terms of gender parity at the executive level.

The company “strives for a 50% diverse candidate and interview slate” and offers 16 weeks of parental paid leave. It also has a fully paid phased return to work policy.

The company has positive online reviews from employees. On InHerSight, it averages five out of five for “Support for Diversity” and “Sense of Belonging – Comfortable bringing your whole self to work, you feel included and welcome,” while women also rated it highly for equal opportunities.

11. RealSelf

Remote-first (but Seattle-based) social media site RealSelf publishes limited official information about its policies and the number of female staff in management positions, but what is available is positive. It has a gender-balanced leadership team and, in addition to healthcare and paid family leave, employees receive wellness benefits.

Anonymous employee reviews are generally glowing. On InHerSight, employees praise it for the maternity and adoptive leave, family growth support, and high percentage of women in the workforce. On Comparably, 96% of women believe they are paid fairly. Across multiple online review sites, the positive work-life balance is frequently mentioned.

12. Palo Alto Networks

California-based cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks not only has a Power of Inclusion training program, but has also rolled out practical toolkits for staff, managers, and recruiters. An advisory board holds the company to account on diversity and inclusion, and employee networks support employees on a day-to-day basis.

However, women fill only 18% of technical roles, 25% of IC and management roles, and 21% of director and above roles. While the company offers flexible time off, employees can only take six weeks of fully paid parental leave. 

Despite that, online anonymous reviews of the company by employees tend to be positive. One female mid-level staffer says, “Culture is diverse and fantastically supportive. I feel like a valued contributor who happens to be a woman.”

The company also works directly with youth groups across the US to help girls learn more about coding and cybersecurity.

13. Salesforce

California-based Salesforce offers 26 weeks of paid parental leave and commits to equal pay, conducting company-wide annual reviews of pay rates and adjusting them as needed.

Despite these efforts, Salesforce has struggled to achieve equal representation. Only one in four managers and one in four tech employees are female, although the number rises each year.

However, the company has invested heavily in diversity and inclusion and has publicly confirmed its intention to continue working toward greater representation of women and minorities, including in leadership positions.

On Comparably, 90% of women describe their work environment as positive, while on InHerSight, reviews are generally but not always positive. One mid-level employee says “Salesforce is doing great things for Women in the workplace. However, I continue to see a disproportionate number of men getting promoted and given bigger projects” while another says “Working at Salesforce is as good as it gets for women! Conversations are heart-centered with the whole person in mind.”

14. Genentech

California-based Genentech is a female-majority company at every level, from directors down to new recruits. It also closely monitors pay equity, and its data shows that “women earn 99.6 cents for every dollar men earn, and People of Color earn 99.5 cents for every dollar White employees earn.” This adds up to a difference of $4–$5 for every $1,000 earned.

Genentech does not state how much parental or adoptive leave it offers, although Fairygodboss reviews suggest that it is between 8 and 12 weeks. The company website also details several family-friendly policies, including adoption and surrogacy reimbursement, fertility support, and on-site childcare. 

15. Cornerstone OnDemand

California-based software firm Cornerstone OnDemand offers at least 14 weeks of paid maternity leave, while paid time off is also available for care-taking responsibilities. Some employees can also take advantage of flexible working arrangements.

Women make up 40% of the executive team and around 35% of the board, although women of color are underrepresented. Moreover, the company has multiple policies to improve diversity and inclusion, such as networking initiatives and succession planning.

Online reviews are generally positive. On Comparably, 96% of female employees said the work environment was positive, while on InHerSight, the company’s highest-rated criteria is equal opportunities.

16. Greenhouse

New York-based recruiting software firm Greenhouse not only helps other companies improve their diversity and inclusion but also receives glowing anonymous online reviews from female and diverse employees.

The company is praised for the number of women in leadership positions, as well as the family leave policy. As one employee says, “There are so many strong female leaders for me to engage with and learn from, with plenty of opportunities to do so.”

Meanwhile, on Comparably, 83% of women believe they are paid fairly.

17. Asana

California-based Asana has room for improvement when it comes to representation of Black women, and specifically in engineering, women of all ethnicities. However, women praise the company highly online for its female-friendly culture and policies. 

43% of Asana’s US-based employees are women and 1% are non-binary, and among managers, those numbers rise to 46% and 2% respectively. However, in engineering, they stand at just 21% and 3% respectively. Moreover, just 4% of the company identifies as Black or African American, falling to 1% in engineering. 

The company offers 16 weeks of maternity leave, plus flexible paid time off. In online reviews, it’s lauded for its inclusive culture. Women give it five out of five on OnHerSight for “Sense of Belonging – Comfortable bringing your whole self to work, you feel included and welcome,” and draw attention to details such as free sanitary products in the bathrooms. The company is also currently conducting a pay equity study.

18. Hulu

California-based Hulu has a gender-balanced executive team, with women of color filling two of the six roles. Women make up 55% of the company’s staff, although data isn’t available on how many are in management positions.

The company offers 20 weeks of paid parental leave; financial reimbursement for adoption, surrogacy, and fertility preservation costs; and up to 15 days of back-up care for children or elders.

Online reviews are generally positive. One employee notes that “The ratio of men to women varies significantly by team,” but another says that “From the content produced (shows like The Handmaid’s Tale and Shrill), to the number of women in positions of power within the company, to the parental and FMLA benefits and health stipends offered, to the fact that all of the restrooms are stocked with free feminine products it is clear that Hulu wants women to feel like they are valued members of our #oneteam.”

19. 23andMe

California-based 23andMe does not just have a female CEO. Leadership is also 45% female and inclusive of women of color.

The company offers 12 weeks paid parental and adoptive leave, and on InHerSight, averages 4.7 for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men. The workplace culture is frequently praised in online reviews by employees, as is the family growth support.

20. Pariveda Solutions

Dallas-based technology consulting firm Pariveda Solutions commits to a transparent pay structure based on cohort and has a gender-equal leadership team. It also promotes mentorship and networking groups. However, it only offers six weeks of paid maternity leave. 

Generally, female employees review it positively. Women rank it highly for its work-life balance policies, hours, and culture on Fairygodboss, where overall, it was the second-highest rated company in 2020.

21. Squarespace

New York-based website building and hosting company Squarespace received bad press back in 2016 for its lack of diversity – and its lack of commitment to making a change. Today, the company still does not appear to publish diversity data, but its executive board is gender-balanced and includes at least one woman of color. Online, female employees praise the company’s increasing levels of diversity, although they also call for further progress to be made.

That said, it appears Squarespace is introducing female- and family-friendly policies alongside more diverse recruiting efforts. It offers 20 weeks of paid maternity and adoptive leave, in addition to fertility and adoption financial assistance and flexible working for new parents. Moreover, on Fairygodboss, over 90% of the reviews from women describe its policies and culture to be work-life friendly.

As for the company culture, on Comparably, it received its highest ratings from women in the engineering department.

22. CDW Corporation

Illinois-based CDW Corporation boasts a gender-balanced executive committee, and employees rate it highly for equal opportunities. It also has eight business research groups so that women and minorities can network and find mentoring opportunities.

However, parental benefits could be more extensive. The company provides up to eight weeks of paid leave for primary caregivers and provides parent support groups for caregivers returning to the workplace. It also subsidizes the cost of childcare up to 20 times a year.

On Comparably, those who rated CDW Corporation highest were women who had worked at the company for five to ten years.

23. Equinix

Employee welfare is prioritized at California-based digital infrastructure firm Equinix, which holds itself to the three pillars of “I’m safe. I belong. I matter.” It has a large number of policies and networking groups designed to support women and minorities within the workplace, such as the Equinix Women Leaders Network, mentorship programs, and unconscious bias training.

Despite that, only 25% of its leaders are women. Turnover rates of women employees (15%) are – while lower than the industry average for all genders – also higher than those of the company’s male employees (12%). 

When it comes to family-friendly policies, there’s also room for improvement. Although the company offers financial assistance with fertility and family planning, it only provides eight weeks of paid maternity leave. Moreover, this is only available to employees who have already been with the company for a year.

However, online reviews from female employees are generally positive, with statements such as “Equinix has a phenomenal culture that promotes family work” and “The company understands and celebrates family.”

24. Intuit, Inc.

California-based financial software firm Intuit, Inc. is 40% female and commits to diversity and inclusion. It also offers 12 weeks of paid parental leave within a year of a child’s birth, adoption, or foster care placement.

Employees’ experiences are mostly positive. Reviews on Fairygodboss average 84.7, while on Comparably, 85% of women believe they are paid fairly and 90% of diverse employees believe the company is supportive of LGBTQ employees. 

However, there are still areas that would benefit from improvement. While most reviews are positive, some employees feel there’s more to achieve, especially on certain teams. One wrote on InHerSight that “Intuit cares a lot about women on the company level, but it has not trickled down to team culture.”

25. IBM

New York-based IBM has limited diversity, especially at the executive level, but family-friendly policies. It offers 12 weeks of paid maternity and adoptive leave, financial adoption and surrogacy assistance, and additional financial assistance for parents of children with disabilities or developmental or learning disorders.

Online employee reviews vary. On Fairygodboss, 91% of women believe the CEO cares about gender diversity and 83% believe women are treated equally to men. On Comparably, 66% of women believe they are paid fairly. Meanwhile, on InHerSight, some accuse it of being a “boy’s club,” but another person states that “IBM, for the most part, is very supportive of working mothers.”

We applaud the efforts of these companies to create diverse and gender-balanced cultures, even as we encourage them to continue expanding these initiatives.