Senior Software Engineer, Studio Tech Solutions

Job Type: Full time
Job Nature: 100% Remote
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Posted: Sep 27, 2021
Level: Senior
Category: Other

Los Angeles, California


Core Engineering

As one of the largest content producers, Netflix Studio earned the most Emmy nominations and produced more films than any other studio. For the studio to continue to scale and produce quality content, various business teams in Studio, Marketing, and Creative production work closely with Product partners to innovate and develop applications to support the studio operations.

About the Role:

As a Senior Software Engineer on the Studio Tech Solutions team, you will be responsible for providing short-term solutions that automate highly manual processes until those features can be evaluated and incorporated into the enterprise application ecosystem. You will interface with business users, analyze their needs, design and develop a solution, or leverage existing technology/tools with customized enhancements. While we value your ability to create well-defined systems, your effectiveness will be related to your ability to context switch effectively while developing nimble solutions for the studio.

You belong in this team if:

  • You are passionate about solving problems and love every aspect of the full-stack software development life cycle.
  • You enjoy building prototypes and short-term solutions to help improve and empower users to innovate on business workflow.
  • You are comfortable developing solutions at all technical levels, from writing scripting to building a custom app.
  • You are able to pivot and iterate quickly on solutions and share learnings with partnering teams.
  • You are highly collaborative and great at building strong partnerships with the business stakeholders, product managers, and engineering teams.
  • You have a keen eye for identifying use-case patterns and the opportunity to build high-leverage solutions.


  • 4+ years of experience in full-stack development.
  • Comfortable working with: Node.js, Python or Java.
  • React or similar front-end frameworks.
  • Experience with API integrations (GraphQL and REST).
  • Keen understanding of database models and SQL queries.
  • Able to work independently and drive results.
  • A passion for learning and working effectively in a nimble environment.

Bonus if you have experience with:

  • Google Apps Scripts
  • Google G Suite APIs
  • Studio/marketing environment



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