Sr. Analytics Engineer - People Analytics

Job Type: Full time
Job Nature: 100% Remote
Location: Boston, MA
Posted: Oct 04, 2021
Level: Other
Category: Other

Senior Analytics Engineer - People Analytics

HubSpot's People Analytics is a growing team of collaborators, lifetime learners, and data advisors eager to optimize HubSpotters' productivity, experience and career growth through data. Our mission is to build infrastructure, processes, and good practices that will modernize HubSpot's people data strategy and continuously improve HubSpotters' career experience..

We are a growing team of Analytic Engineers who have a laser focus on making their customers successful. You will work closely with a group of analysts who conduct analytical projects to solve the most impactful talent questions.

You will be the architect of our people data structure, designing, documenting, and educating the entire organization about using People Data ethically to make decisions. You will have the opportunity to take on complex data challenges related to internal reporting and analytics, work with peers to help manage our data infrastructure, and provide leverage to each other and to a network of analysts and analytical engineers across HubSpot.

If you like solving hard problems, translating business needs to data architecture, thrive in ambiguity in an ever changing environment, and work with a group of amazing peers, please apply and come help us make HubSpot an even more successful company.

In this role, you'll get to:

Collaborate with both technical and non-technical areas of the business,, bridging the gap between the business problem and the technical solution related to data architecture.
Own and improve the data architecture with consideration of data ethics, data governance, and data democratization principles.
Standardize data definition, code definition and operational data flow to downstream systems
Own the relationship with enterprise Business Intelligence team to ensure company wide tools and priorities are implemented across People Analytics
Build out scalable data models to analyze key parts of the HubSpot business.
Support distributed operations teams as they utilize these foundational data models for management
Develop and document data flow chain operational procedures from ingestion to updates in data
Enable & educate Data Analysts on best practices for reporting and leveraging the new data assets in which the Analytics Engineer creates.
Work closely with central technical teams, Data Analysts, Business Managers, and leadership to collaboratively deliver on projects.
Define/refine project requirements with business stakeholders. Participate in key touchpoints to keep stakeholders informed throughout projects and provide documentation to enable your deliverables to speak for themselves.
We are looking for people who have:

Project Management

Working iteratively on projects as part of an Agile Scrum team of different functional roles.
Translating project requirements into a set of technical sub-tasks that build towards a final deliverable.
Participating in and leading the technical execution of business intelligence and analytics related projects of large scope and complexity.
Hands on experience with bug tracking systems and project management, like Jira

Data Management

Experience working with complex datasets with computer science fundamentals, including but not limited to the concepts of software development lifecycle (SDLC)
Experience building and optimizing data pipeline, architecture and data sets and be able to present visuals utilizing Lucidcharts
Understanding of ETL, ELT with an ability to reverse engineer for existing technical projects to help optimize and provide recommendations with root cause analysis.
Understanding principles of data ethics, data governance and role based security
Experience with script based analytic transformation tools like dbt with ability to build CTEs
Exposure to data pipeline and workflow management tools like Apache Airflow

Strong understanding and analytical skills related to both structured and unstructured datasets
Exceptional ability to document technical design documents and organizational skills
Hands-on experience with advanced SQL and cloud data warehouse like Snowflake and relational databases
Experience or willingness to learn data transformation tools
Experience building user defined functions in either Python or SQL
Ability to participate and contribute to code-management/version control tools like git Enterprise on several peer-reviews, feature branch, resolving conflicts and commits
Concept and working knowledge on LookML (views, explore), Looks and Dashboards
Familiarity with data science acumen and common ML algorithms and an eagerness to continue to explore ML implementation.
Experience with JSON Flattening and extracting internal elements
We know theconfidence gapandimposter syndromecan get in the way of meeting spectacular candidates, so please don't hesitate to apply — we'd love to hear from you.

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